马来西亚吉隆坡沙登区某旅游公司请电子商务助理和van车司机和文员, 需通晓电脑上网,英文华语马来语,在职培训,有底薪有佣金,有年终花红, 出国旅游,提供外地住宿, 勤工奖等等,可以找0123717822 – 陈先生。 发email 到: patrick@hovandoholidays.com  欢迎兼职学生申请 *需符合条规。

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, a tourist company in Serdang looking for E commerce assistants and van drivers, need to know the computer Internet, English Chinese, Malay, on-the-job training, there are basic salary commissions, year-end bonuses, travel abroad, provide hostel accommodation etc etc, you can find 0123717822 – Mr teng / email : patrick@hovandoholidays.com  Part time student are welcome for walk in interview  *terms & condition applied.