Batu Caves

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batu caves

Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a an iconic and  popular tourist attraction in  Selangor.   Site of a Hindu temple and  shrine, Batu Caves attracts  thousands of worshippers and  tourists, especially during  the annual Hindu festival,  Thaipusam.

A limestone outcrop located  just north of Kuala Lumpur,  Batu Caves has three main  caves featuring temples and  Hindu shrines.
Its main attraction is the  large statue of the Hindu God  at the entrance, besides a  steep 272 climb up its steps  to finally view the stunning  skyline of the city centre.

Monkeys frolic around the  caves, and it is a popular  spot for rock climbing  enthusiasts. Paintings and  scenes of Hindu Gods can also  be seen in the Ramayana Cave.

Batu Caves is one of the most renowned Hinde shrines located outside of India which is dedicated to the Lord Murugan. Batu Caves is crowded with people especially during Thaipusam festival. It is said that the limestone which forms the Batu Caves are as old as 400 million years old. It was also said that some of the entrances of the caves used to be shelters for the indigenous Temuan people. Before this, the steps up to Batu Caves were made of wood. They were soon replaced by 272 concrete ones. Among all the cave temples which make up the site, the most famous and the largest of them all is the Cathedral Cave and it houses a few Hindu shrines underneath its 100-meter vaulted ceiling.

The statue of Lord Murugan stands proud at 42.7 meters right outside of Batu Caves. The statue costs about 24 million rupees and is made of 250 tonnes of steel bar, 300 liters of gold paint and 1550 cubic meters of concrete. At the base of the hill are two other cave temples, Art Gallery Cave and Temple Cave which are both full of Hindu paintings and statues.


During the Thaipusam festival, devotees of the Lord Murugan must first fast for a month and shave their heads before they can carry the kavadi on Thaipusam. There are many other rules one must abide to for a month before they are eligible to carry the kavadi and perform the kavadi attam which is a dance for the Lord Murugan. It is during Thaipusam which attracts thousands of people to Batu Caves.